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Don't let a workplace accident go un-investigated - or else

by , 03 September 2014
Accidents can tear your company apart. They can become a massive financial drain and could land you in the DoL hot seat.

That's why you need to deal with these accidents with the correct procedures. The procedures I'm referring to are your investigation procedures.

If you don't follow these procedures to investigate workplace accidents correctly, it could land you in serious trouble.

Keep reading to find out what'll happen if you fail to do an accident investigation after a workplace accident...


Here's what'll happen if you don't do a workplace investigation

You have a legal obligation under the OHS Act to investigate any accident that happens on your premise.
If you fail to do this, the first kind of trouble you'll land in is with the DoL. 
You have to report all workplace accidents to the DoL and, if it arrives at your workplace to do an inspection and finds out you didn't follow the correct procedures after the accident, it could slap you with a hefty penalty. 
And that's only the start of your worries. This is the second type of trouble you'll face if you don't investigate...
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Attention! Health and Safety specialists face fines imposed by the DoL!

You must comply with the OHS ACT!

You'll also face this trouble if you don't investigate a workplace accident

The point of an accident investigation is to identify the cause of the accident. This way you can effectively deal with it and ensure it doesn't happen again.
If you don't do this, it'll mean you haven't dealt with the actual problem effectively.
This could cause more and more accidents in future, all of which will affect your company's bottom line.
You can avoid all this trouble though. All you have to do is get your investigation team together and find out what caused that accident.

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Don't let a workplace accident go un-investigated - or else
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