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Don't make the same mistake as the Nigerian church builders

by , 25 September 2014
On the 12th of September, a church in the Lagos, Nigeria collapsed. It has, up to this point, killed 115 South Africans.

The collapse happened while builders were adding three storeys to the existing two. This is where the fatal mistake began.

If you want to avoid a similar one, you need to avoid this building mistake...


Here's the speculated cause of the Nigerian church collapsed

The two-storey building, such as the church in its original form, has the support structures to hold the weight of two storeys.
If you add more storeys to the building without adding more support structures, it means the existing structures will have to hold more weight than they're supposed to.
This leaves the whole building vulnerable to collapse.
Speculation is rife about the cause of the church collapse as the Nigerian government still hasn't launched an investigation. But it's a safe bet that insufficient support had something to do with it.
This is the mistake you must avoid if you want to prevent a similar collapse. Here's what you must do to ensure you don't make it.
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Here's what you must do to avoid this mistake

You can add extra storeys onto an existing building, but you must consult a structural engineer. Ask him to give you an idea of what additional structural supports you must add to hold up the additional weight. 
Then test the new structural supports to see if they can hold the weight. 
This ensures the lower part of the building don't take strain and is vulnerable to collapse.
By doing this, you can avoid this mistake and prevent a similar building collapse disaster.

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Don't make the same mistake as the Nigerian church builders
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