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Don't wait for an accident on the road to happen! Apply this practical safety tip to your drivers

by , 17 August 2015
As reported on News24, a man was hit by a truck just outside of Durban earlier this month. The truck lost control when its tyre burst and hit the man who was on his way to work. But despite this shocking incident, the man miraculously survived, walking away with nothing more than a bruised knee.

That is all good and well, but what if it was your truck being driven by one of your employees? What if the outcome was not so miraculous? What if the accident was the result of negligence?

An event like this can set you back with accident claims, injuries, damage to vehicles, loss of life and continuous stress over what happened and how you are going to deal with it to maintain your reputation.

These are questions that you need to confront! Here are practical safety tips for your drivers in the event of a tyre blow-out...

Tyre blow-outs, like what happened outside of Durban earlier this month, can happen for many reasons. These reasons can easily include reckless driving by your employees when going over rough roads, potholes or when speeding. So train your drivers to stay within the speed limits, to avoid potholes, curbs and pavements and to take it easy on rough roads.

In the event of a rear tyre blow-out

If the vehicle has a rear tyre blow-out, it will swerve. Teach your drivers to firmly hold the steering wheel while gearing down to slow the
vehicle down.  Using brakes too hard can cause the vehicle to lose control.

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In the event of a front-tyre blow out:

The vehicle will pull sharply to one side. Teach your employees to firmly hold the steering and concentrate and correcting the pull. Train them to avoid using the foot brake and encourage them to focus on the steering while gearing down to slow down. Using the foot brake could cause the rear wheels to lock.

Also, remember that continuing to drive with a burst tyre can increase the risk of fire because of sparks. 
So, there you have it! A very practical safety tip for your drivers. 

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Don't wait for an accident on the road to happen! Apply this practical safety tip to your drivers
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