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Eight factors to consider when choosing your audit team. And avoid costly insurance claims

by , 11 March 2015
By conducting a health and safety risk audit, you'll be able to reduce incidents in the workplace and save costs by being proactive instead of reactive.

But you can't conduct a health and safety audit on your own. You need a team of employees to help you with this task. And you can't just select anyone!

Make sure you consider these eight factors when you appoint your internal health and safety management audit team..

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Eight factors to consider when you appoint your internal health and safety audit team

Businesses should conduct health and safety audits regularly to avoid insurance claims from customers, employees and clients who could be hurt due to the business's negligence.

You need to select a team to conduct the audit. The audit team should be familiar with your health and safety management system being audited. And what an effective health and management system should be.

They should also be familiar with audit techniques such as sampling and analyzing results. They must have the necessary expertise to identify problems and determine the corrective health and safety actions needed.

The risk audit your team does will prepare you for your external (third party) audits. The scope of the audit (safety, health, environmental, size of facility, risk profile, extent of activities) will tell you how many people you need to conduct the audit.

Here are the eight factors to consider when you choose your team:

1.    What type of business operation is it? Is it a complex environment?
       For example, chemical, warehousing or transportation;
2.    Your company's risk profile;
3.    Do you need technical expertise i.e. electricity, pneumatic;
4.    Language skills;
5.    The level of risk management system; and
6.    Knowledge of industry health and safety laws.
7.    Knowledge and experience in auditing of health and safety systems;
8.    Experience in the field of health and safety

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Eight factors to consider when choosing your audit team. And avoid costly insurance claims
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