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Eight questions you'll have to answer if there's a bomb threat in your workplace

by , 03 November 2014
When emergencies happen you need to call emergency services. They'll know what to do to deal with the emergency properly.

This means you need to be able to give them all of the relevant information on the phone so they can prepare for the emergency properly.

If there's a bomb scare, this is even more important because there's normally a time limit in which to deal with the emergency.

So when you call emergency services for a bomb scare, ensure you can answer these eight questions...


If you call emergency services for a bomb scare ensure you can answer these eight questions

1. Where is the bomb located?
The answer here would be at your workplace (give the address of your workplace) and where in the building the bomb is.
2. When is it going to explode?
If there's a visible timer on the bomb look for how much time you have left so emergency services knows how fast they have to get there.
3. What does it look like?
If you can describe the kind of bomb emergency services might be able to tell what kind it is and prepare appropriately to disarm it.
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Do your first aiders know what it is?
4. What type of bomb is it?
Look for tell tale signs that's might suggest the kind of bomb. (This is a difficult question to answer unless you're familiar with bomb types. It's a good idea to include bomb identification in your emergency training because of this)
5. What will cause it to explode?
See if you can spot a timer, trigger switch or wire that might trigger the bomb.
6. Do you know who planted the bomb?
It's important not to speculate here. Only answer if you actually saw who planted the bomb or you might get an innocent person in trouble.
7. Why?
If you know who planted it, try think of the reason for it. Again, try to stay away from blatant speculation.
8. Any other useful information?
If you have any other information, such as how long ago you found it or even how it might be able to help.
Remember to try to answer these eight questions if you report a bomb scare in your workplace. 

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Eight questions you'll have to answer if there's a bomb threat in your workplace
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