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Eight stacking and storage rules you must implement in your workplace

by , 27 January 2014
If you don't properly control your stacking and storage, you risk fire, explosions, pollution, damage to stock and injury to your employees. Don't take that risk! Make sure you implement these stacking and storage rules today.

According to the Health & Safety Advisor, your stacking and storage practices must comply with three regulations:

  1. Section 6 of the Environmental Regulations. You must keep your workplace clean and tidy. Keep floors, walkways, stairs and passages free of obstructions, waste or materials.
  2. Section 26 of the Construction Regulations. You must appoint (in writing) a competent person to supervise stacking and storage on a construction site, to control demarcated storage areas and to ensure these are neat.
  3. Stacking and storage requirements under the Hazardous Chemical Substance Regulations.

But, your duties don't end there. You also have to implement these eight stacking and storage rules…

Stacking and storage: Here are eight rules you must implement today!

Rule #1: Don't store flammable items close to naked light or fluorescent source. Stick to the distances recommended by the Fire Prevention Association.

According to the Association, no flammable material may be stored less than 1.5m from any light (other than cold or fluorescent lighting) or less than 2m away from any electrical distribution board.

Rule #2: Make sure there's adequate clearance between freestanding stacks to allow for access and fire control.

Rule #3: Always adhere to the principle of good housekeeping! There's a place for everything and everything must be in its place at all times.

Rule #4: Stack rack in storerooms, cold rooms and chill rooms with the sides of the stack either vertical or slightly stepped.

Never allow any overhang. And never step forward from top to bottom over aisles or in areas where an article from a stack can fall to a lower storage level.

Rule #5: Stack drums, other than those containing flammable liquids, on pallets. Check the drums if they're being stored on their sides.

Rule #6: Store gases, tyres, oils, styrene, packaging and similar combustible materials separately and not near ignition sources.

Rule #7: Regularly refer to local or provincial ordnances and Gazettes for information on quantities of flammables that can be stored, the requirements for inflammable stores, and local authority permits.

Usually a permit is required when the amount stored exceeds 200l.

Rule #8: Store pipes and bar stock on cross braces or racks with retaining uprights.

Remember that failure to properly control your stacking and storage will result in explosions and injuries. So make sure you implement these eight rules to avoid this.

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Eight stacking and storage rules you must implement in your workplace
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