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Eliminate eye strain and say goodbye to eye injuries

by , 26 November 2013
When we mention eye injuries in the workplace, you probably imagine workers in factories who get iron shavings in their eyes... But even simple eye strain is classified as an eye injury that you should be striving to prevent, in order to comply with OHS standards.

While working on a computer can't damage your eyes, it can cause eye strain, say the experts at the Health and Safety Advisor
They explain the causes of eye strain, and also the steps you can take to prevent eye strain.
The causes of eye strain, and the cures
These are four common causes of eye strain:
• Fatigue
• Dry eyes
• Bad lighting
• Bad/incorrect positioning in front of the computer
Here are 10 ways to prevent eye strain in your workplace
1.       Position your computer screen 20 to 26 inches away from youreyes and a little bit below eye level.
2.       Use a document holder, near your monitor so youdon't constantly loose eye focus.
3.       Adjust your chair so you are sitting with thecomputer screen at eye level.
4.       Choose a monitor that can tilt and swivel, and acomfortable keyboard.
5.       Glare filters over your monitor can prevent harshreflections.
6.       Ensure there's sufficient lighting in the office (LUX500 is the recommended level).
7.       Mini break eye focuses and eye exercises can bringrelief.
8.       Conduct eye examinations if your employees are at risk in terms of medical surveillance.
9.       If your employee complains of eye strain he mightneed glasses or to change the script of his existing lenses.
10.   The optometrist will also be able to see if dry eyesare a problem, and prescribe eye lubricants, such asnatural tears.
If you haven't instituted these measures in your workplace yet, get cracking! 

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Eliminate eye strain and say goodbye to eye injuries
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