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Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning: Six people to include in your team

by , 31 October 2013
An emergency can be extremely disruptive to production and other aspects of your business. Disruptions translate into loss. But you can reduce the possible loss to your business if you plan and organise your emergency procedures with the assistance of the correct emergency equipment. In addition to this, be sure to include these six people in your emergency team.

You must have an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan in place. But what's equally important to the plan is your emergency team.

So who should be in your team?

Make sure the following six people are in your emergency team

According to the Health & Safety Advisor, the emergency team is made up of employees who will play a role in dealing with any emergency that arises. This would include:

  1. An emergency coordinator
  2. A deputy emergency coordinator
  3. Evacuation wardens (each department must appoint these to ensure effective evacuation of your whole business)
  4. First aiders
  5. Fire team members
  6. Electricians or other artisans (who can be useful in isolating the power or machinery if this becomes necessary)

Remember, you must also establish an emergency control centre to effectively deal with all emergencies.

An emergency control centre is a place from where you'll direct and co-ordinate your emergency procedures.

This doesn't have to be a separate room; it could be a manager's office, the board room or even the security office.

If an emergency arises, the emergency coordinator and team must make their way to the emergency control centre.

Knowing who to include in your emergency team will help ensure your Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan is effective. And it'll help you limit the loss to your company too.


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Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning: Six people to include in your team
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