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Employee 'buy in': The piece of the health and safety puzzle you can't do without

by , 17 July 2014
If your employees don't agree with your health and safety programme, they won't follow it. After all, they may not believe that your health and safety rules are in their best interest. And if you don't know what they deal with everyday, how could you possibly know how to protect them?

At the end of the day, if your employees don't buy in to your health and safety programme, it's useless.

This is why, before you put anything in place, you must get your employees input, suggestions and opinions. This way, you'll avoid these problems...

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Here's why you can't do without this piece of the health and safety puzzle

When your employees won't follow your health and safety rules, they're not complying with the laws of the OHS Act
This puts them and your company at risk. This is the best case scenario.
The worst case scenario is your employees will feel rebellious at the fact that you're trying to enforce rules that don't actually protect them. This can lead to them actively disobeying your rules. 
So if you want to avoid these disastrous situations, ensure you use these tactics to get your employees buy in...

Use these tactics to get your employees buy in and ensure you have every piece of the health and safety puzzle in place

1. Visit your site regularly to actually see what risks your employees face. Speak to them while you're there and get informal feedback from them on their working conditions.
2. Have formal health and safety discussions with your employees where you can take matters to a vote and get general feedback.
3. Have a suggestion box where you employees can always submit suggestions on how to improve health and safety.
4. Have an open door policy where employees can always come speak to you about health and safety issues.
These strategies can help you make your employees feel as if they've contributed to the health and safety programme and they'll be more willing to follow it. 
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Your Health and Safety role is not exactly an easy one!

Right now, the headaches, stresses, time-drainers and financial costs of Health and Safety in your company seem endless. You're having to constantly stay on top of changes and updates being made to laws and regulations – and implementing these changes.

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Employee 'buy in': The piece of the health and safety puzzle you can't do without
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