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Ensure your sub-contractor is carrying out these 3 responsibilities or you'll be liable!

by , 06 May 2016
Sub-contractors on your construction site have duties to perform. But did you know that, according to the new Construction Regulations, you have to ensure they're actually doing them?

That's right!

You see, you're liable for what they do. And if they mess up, you'll be responsible for it! And that's something you definitely don't want on your hands.

So, to help prevent anything like that from ever happening, you need to ensure your sub-contractors are carrying out these three legal responsibilities...


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Responsibility#1: Workplace

Your sub-contractor must ensure the premises he's working on is risk free. This includes the entrance and exits of the premises and all machinery and equipment used on it.
Responsibility#2: Employees
Your sub-contractor must:

·         ensure that all of his employees are following the Occupational Health and Safety Act;

·         get a competent person to supervise all machinery;

·         let the employees know their scope of authority;

·         identify any dangers to the safety of his employees; and

·         take reasonable steps to remove any dangers from the workplace.

Responsibility#3: Non-employees

Sub-contractor also have a responsibility to work in a way that does not endanger the health and safety of non-employees who may be on your site.

These include, for example, visitors on your construction site.

*Those were the three main responsibilities your sub-contractors have on your construction site.

Remember,  you have to ensure they're carrying them out, otherwise you'll be responsible if something goes wrong!

To learn more important information on subcontractors in the workplace, head over to Chapter S 09: Sub-contractors: Legal safety responsibilities in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook.

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Ensure your sub-contractor is carrying out these 3 responsibilities or you'll be liable!
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