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Environmental law. Grow your business and don't ignore this policy!

by , 09 March 2015
Is your company aware of the environmental law or are you ignoring all policies on this regard?

There are many dangers that can occur if your company is ignoring several rules in this field. Here are some ways you can protect the environment.

Here are six things you can do in your company to protect to fulfil your duty to protect the environment

1. You should recycle plastic, paper, wood, metal, cardboard and other items.

2. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. They last much longer and they can save energy and, in the long term, your electricity bill will be reduced.

3. Donate: You have tons of things at work you can get rid of. If they're still usable, give them to someone who needs them.

Note that you may also choose to give them to associations. These associations may sell them and collect some money.

In this way, not only will you protect the environment, but you'll also contribute to a good cause.

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4. Turn off your devices: When you're not using any electronic devices at work, turn them off.

Switch off the lights when you leave a room in the office and switch off your computer when you leave for the day. It's an easy habit to take up which will help you save a lot of money and energy.

5. Walk or cycle: If you live close enough to work, rather walk or cycle. Driving is one of the biggest causes of pollution plus you'll be saving on petrol! You can advise your employees to do the same!

Every action which protects the environment is also a very good factor for brand awareness and it will position your company into a better light!

6. Leaky faucets – look out for leaky faucets, which can cause a significant increase in the water bill. Did you know that an average of 120 litres of water can be wasted due to a dripping faucet?

You can choose the sort of policy your company develops in time and you have to know that the environmental law is an important aspect. However, not all legislation treats it as drastic as it should be treated.

Nevertheless, you should avoid penalties in this regard and focus on the benefits that such a policy fuels for the long run!

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Environmental law. Grow your business and don't ignore this policy!
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