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Environmental Regulations provide four areas you must follow for ventilation in the workplace

by , 08 September 2015
It's up to you to ensure your business is a heathy and safe working environment for all.

You can do this by complying with the Environmental Regulations in the workplace.

Here are four areas you must stick to when it comes to ventilation in the workplace:

1. You must make every effort to ensure that the air in your workplace is safe to breathe. Part of doing this can be to look for signs of 'sick building syndrome'. Look for symptoms among your employees that could be evident of poor ventilation. Symptoms can include headaches, throat and nose irritation, dry coughs etc.
2. Make sure the average amount of CO2 doesn't exceed 0.5% within an eight-hour period and that the total amount of CO2 doesn't ever exceed 3%.

CO2 levels are usually quite low as long as a window is at least open allowing for natural air to circulate.


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3. Make sure the prescribed 'occupational exposure limits' (OELs) are not exceeded.
4. Be very careful not to exceed the limit for flammable/explosive gases, vapour or dust.
Note that an 'approved inspection authority' (AIA) will let you know all these limits.
So, there are four areas that you need to ensure are adhered to in the workplace, as stated in the Environmental Regulations.

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Environmental Regulations provide four areas you must follow for ventilation in the workplace
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