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Eskom warns load shedding will start today: Here's how to use generators safely in your workplace

by , 06 March 2014
It's official. Load shedding has started. Eskom made the announcement this morning and says it's likely the power interruptions will last until the weekend. If you plan to use generators as a backup, continue reading to find out how to use them safely.

Follow these three safety tips when using generators in your workplace

Load shedding is in full swing.

Eskom says the power grid is under severe pressure. This after the utility declared an emergency early this morning after days of rain left its coal supplies wet. All customers, industrial and domestic, have been asked to cut their use urgently, Eye Witness News reports.

In the report, Eskom's Andrew Etzinger says the load-shedding schedules on its website will kick into effect.

'We will from 9am be implementing load shedding across the country according to our schedule.' The power cuts will last for two hours at a time.

If you're going to be using generators during this period, the Health & Safety Advisor has safety tips for you. These will help ensure you protect your employees and your workplace.

Use these three generator safety tips to survive Eskom's load shedding

#1: Operate the generator outside

Accu Weather explains that since generators produce dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide, you mustn't use them indoors under any circumstance.

The danger here is that carbon monoxide is a tasteless and odourless gas and you can't detect it without the use of a carbon monoxide detector.

So don't take chances, the area may seem ventilated, but the only safe area for a generator is outside.

#2: Check carbon monoxide detectors

Another important safety measure to remember is to check that you have working carbon monoxide detectors and to keep back-up batteries on hand for when they run out, says Accu Weather.

That said; the site stresses that the primary prevention is to make sure you know how to operate your generator safely and you're operating it safely.

#3: Perform regular maintenance inspections

Not only should you check your detectors, but if your generator was installed professionally you should check it periodically as well to make sure it's exhausting properly.

There you have it. We have more generator safety tips here. Do them to protect your employees and your workplace during the current bout of rolling black outs.

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Eskom warns load shedding will start today: Here's how to use generators safely in your workplace
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