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Five contractor duties you're responsible for

by , 10 May 2016
When you have a contractor on your site, you may feel like he is a completely separate individual, and that he's responsible for his own duties.

But that's just not the case! You see, thanks to the new Construction Regulations, you're actually responsible for your contractor's duties on the site. And that should anything go wrong, you're liable for your contractor's actions!

So make sure your contractor is carrying out these five duties to protect yourself from liability on your construction site...


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Duty#1: Your contractor must provide all of his workers with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

TIP: It's also highly advised that you ensure the PPE fits correctly and that the employees have been trained properly on how to use and clean it.

Duty#2: The contractor mustn't allow anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs to step foot on the construction site.

Duty#3: He must obey all the road traffic rules when driving on your premises. In other words, he can't drive around recklessly on site.

Duty#4: Your contractor has to insure all his staff, equipment and vehicles.

NOTE: Even though he must pay UIF and Workman's Compensation, he is not responsible for his workers' medical aid coverage. This will be the responsibility of each worker.

Duty#5: Your contractor must not engage in any risky behaviour whatsoever. This includes fooling around, otherwise known as 'horseplay'.

*To learn more important information on contractors in the workplace, page over to Chapter C 01 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook, or click here to order your copy of this invaluable health and safety resource today. 

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Five contractor duties you're responsible for
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