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Five health and safety documents that will help you monitor your company's OHS Act compliance

by , 30 October 2014
Health and safety compliance isn't just about putting some safety measures in place. You have to document, record and monitor your health and safety on an ongoing basis.

But what do you use to monitor and control your health and safety compliance?

There are, in fact, five documents that will help you do this.

Read on to find out what they are...


Create these five documents so you can control and monitor your health and safety compliance

1. Your health and safety programme
This is your starting point because it outlines everything you must do to comply with the OHS Act
2. Your health and safety plan
This is the step-by-step set of instructions you created so you and your employees know exactly what to do to achieve health and safety compliance.
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3. Health and safety policy
This shows how you control and enforce all your rules around health and safety. You must ensure all your employees see and sign your health and safety policy. This ensures they know what you expect from them. Also include the punishment for breaking your health and safety rules. 
4. Risk register
Use this document to record the risks you identify during your risk assessment. This will help you track what risks you need to deal with in your health and safety programme and ensure everything you do is risk specific.
5. Health and safety training register 
By keeping a health and safety training register, you can record who you gave OHS training to and who you still need to train.
These five documents will help you track every aspect of your company's health and safety so you can ensure you're fully compliant.

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Five health and safety documents that will help you monitor your company's OHS Act compliance
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