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Five items you MUST include in your Health and Safety budget

by , 20 August 2015
Quite often employers fail to budget for Health and Safety expenses. This can easily lead to losses because of unexpected Health and Safety expenses. Now, Health and Safety expenses are a guarantee. After all, it is your duty (and legal obligation) to ensure that your workplace is risk free. A Health and Safety budget can save you money and help you implement health and safety in the workplace correctly.

And in implementing it 'correctly', here are five items you need to include and budget for...

1. You need to budget for the maintenance of the systems you use for work, such as machinery.

2. You need to carry out risk assessments and if you don't have the required training to carry this out, you will have to hire specialists to come in and do it for you. This will require budgeting.

3. Budget for various surveys that need to be conducted throughout the year. These surveys can include illumination surveys, occupational hygiene surveys and air quality surveys. 

4. Budget for the training of your staff in order to enhance health and safety in the workplace. 

5. Budget for the purchasing of health and safety signs that you are required to display in the workplace. 
So, there you have it! There are five items you must, by law, budget for with regard to Health and Safety.

But there are 21 items in total that require your attention. So to find out what they are, click below…


27 Items you should have in your Occupational Health and Safety Budget

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Five items you MUST include in your Health and Safety budget
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