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Five reasons why you NEED a Health and Safety Audit

by , 18 August 2015
You need to carry out a health and safety audit at least once a year to check if you are still legally compliant. In other words, you must regularly do an in-depth look into your health and safety procedures so that it complies with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

An objective health and safety audit is very useful for a variety of reasons. Here are five reasons why you need one...

1. It can help you identify any problem areas in your health and safety procedures and so will help you prevent any incidents in the workplace.
2. It can help you measure any progress between your last and current health and safety audit. This could also act as a test of the effectiveness of your health and safety system.
3. As briefly mentioned earlier, a health and safety audit can assist you in determining if you still comply with existing health and safety requirements as well as NEW health and safety requirements. 

Are you complying with the entire OHS Act and 19 Regulations?
Are you 100% compliant? How can you be sure?

4. In your health and safety audit, you can re-prioritise any problem areas that require improvement. This will ensure that you stay legally compliant and will maintain the health and safety of your staff. After all, the last thing you want is an incident in the workplace.
5. After having identified all problem areas, you can develop and implement new health and safety programmes that will increase effectiveness and efficiency. 
So there you have it – five practical reasons as to why you need to carry out a health and safety audit. 

But that's not all there is to know around health and safety…


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Five reasons why you NEED a Health and Safety Audit
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