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Five rules to create a legally compliant health and safety register

by , 27 October 2014
Legal health and safety registers help you create a list of all the laws that apply to your business. This acts as a guide as you implement health and safety for your business.

It sounds like a foolproof compliance tool right?

Not if you don't follow the right rules.

Here are five rules you must follow when you create your legal register to ensure it's legally compliant...


These are the five legal register rules you must follow

Your legal registers must:
Rule 1: Be in hard copy and electronic format
This ensures you can put a copy of the register up for the relevant people to see what rules they must enforce. And ensures you always have a copy that you can print out.
Rule 2: Have a place (in hard and soft copy) where you can make comments
This allows your employees to give you feedback on the register. This will help you improve it and find problems with it. 
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Rule 3: List the name of the person responsible for compiling the register
Also include the due dates for renewals for your register and completion dates for safety measures to comply with news laws.  
Rule 4: Update your register at least once a year
This update will ensure your company is always compliant with legal changes in health and safety.  
Rule 5: It must contain all the relevant information
There are 18 pieces of information your register must contain. You can find the full list of this information here.
Ensure you create your legal register and follow these five rules to ensure your company complies with all the relevant OHS regulations.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more information on how to create a legal register for your business. 

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Five rules to create a legally compliant health and safety register
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