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Five steps that will help you deal with serious workplace injuries

by , 15 October 2014
It doesn't matter if it's a fire, explosion, mechanical failure or natural disaster; you need to prepare for every emergency to prevent serious injuries.

From concussions to an amputated leg, you need to focus and deal with these injuries before they cost an employees his life.

This is a high pressure situation, but if you follow these fives steps, you can serious with your employee's deadly injuries quickly and save his life...


Save your employee from serious injuries by following these five steps

Step 1: Clear the area of other employees and ensure no one, other than your first aiders, touch your injured employee. 
They may try to help, but could end up making the situation and injuries worse.
Step 2: Call your first aiders to the scene and ensure they have their first aid kits. They must treat your employee's injury as best they can and keep him stable. 
Ensure they have everything they need to do their job and prevent anyone else from trying to lend a hand. 
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Step 3: Call emergency services such as the paramedics right away. Your employee may need specialised treatment your first aiders just can't give him. You have to get paramedics to the scene so they can give your employee the right treatment.
Step 4: Prevent any further injuries by removing the cause of the injury. For example, if your employee suffered an electric shock, turn off the power so no one else suffers one too.
Step 5: Instruct your first aiders to let paramedics take over when they arrive. They'll have the equipment to move your employee to the ambulance so your first aiders must let them do this. 
Once your employee is on his way to hospital, you can breathe a sigh of relief because now the doctors can give him the help he needs. 
To ensure your first aiders can do what they need to in a situation like this, check out the Emergency First Aid CD.

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Five steps that will help you deal with serious workplace injuries
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