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Five steps to follow when an employee has an abnormal medical result that could affect his work

by , 08 September 2015
So one of your employees has an abnormal medical result and you're not quite sure where to go from here. Especially since you know it will affect his work.

Just take a step back and follow these five steps:

1. Thoroughly assess the employee's situation: 

After a medical examination the medical doctor must clearly state if: 

The employee is fit or unfit for the proposed work;
Temporarily unfit; or
Fit but with restrictions.
2. Discuss the result with the employee: 

Make known the results to the employee and ensure that he is aware of it. 

Also recommend treatment, monitoring alongside general advice. 

Let  him know that you will be notifying the HR Department.

3. Notify the HR Department: 

Let the Human Resources Department know of the employee's situation and ensure that all recommendations with regard to him are carried out.

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4. Notify the employee's manager: 

Let the employee's manager know of his situation. This will be necessary especially if the employee will need to be transferred out of the department he was previously working in. 

5. If the employee is unfit, follow the correct procedure: 

If he's permanently unfit, you will need to make available alternative employment for him. 

You should also consider ill health disability, especially if there is no alternative employment available. 
There were five steps to follow in the event of an employee's abnormal medical result.

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Five steps to follow when an employee has an abnormal medical result that could affect his work
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