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Focus your health and safety inspections on these ten areas to ensure the DoL can't punish you

by , 22 October 2014
The best way to ensure the DoL never charges you non-compliance fines is to stop it from finding any health and safety problems.

How do you do this?

With a health and safety inspection of course. But don't just do one massive inspection on your workplace.

Rather do smaller inspections and focus on these ten areas...


Focus on these ten areas when you plan the health and safety inspections you want to do

1. Your safety equipment
Check the condition of your safety equipment to see if it functions properly.
2. General equipment
Assess the condition of all your machinery and equipment to ensure it's not damaged or hazardous.
3. Your employees' PPE
Look if your employees use their PPE correctly and if it's all in good condition.
4. Your safe working procedures
It's important to determine whether your employees follow your safe working procedures correctly. To do this, you have to watch them work.
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Are you complying with the entire OHS Act and 19 Regulations?
Are you 100% compliant? How can you be sure?
5. Health and safety training
Observe your employees to see who isn't following your health and safety procedures. This could mean he didn't get health and safety training or needs more training.
6. Health and safety housekeeping
Check to see if your company complies with the OHSA's legal housekeeping standards.
7. Health and safety documents
Check if you have all the relevant health and safety documents in your SHE file. 
8. Working environment
Inspect your workplace to ensure it complies with the OHS Act's working environment regulations.
9. Facilities
Are all of your toilets, showers, facilities and change rooms clean and hygienic? If not, this inspection will tell you so.
10. Employee compliance
Determine if your employees comply with your health and safety rules.
Inspecting these ten areas will help you improve your company's health and safety and stay out of trouble with the DoL. 
For all the documents you need to do an effective health and safety inspection, check out Your 29 Essential Health & Safety Inspection Checklist.

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Focus your health and safety inspections on these ten areas to ensure the DoL can't punish you
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