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Follow these 2 steps in order to comply with the new Construction Regulations

by , 07 March 2016
An inspector can show up on your doorstep an any time to ensure you're complying with the new Construction Regulations (2014).

And if he finds out you're not, then he could very well present you with a contravention notice. Or even worse, he could shut down your site completely!

So it's absolutely imperative that you're fully compliant with all the new Construction Regulations.

Follow these 2 steps in doing just that...

Step#1: Construction permit

Under Construction Regulation 3, you must apply for a work permit if:

·         The duration of the construction work will be more than 180 days;
·         The construction work in total involves more than 1800 person days; or
·         The total value of the construction work's contract is equal to, or if it exceeds, R13 million or CIBD grading level 6.
TIP: Ensure that you clearly display your unique permit number.

Do this at the entrance of the construction site.

It must also be present in your Principal Contractor's safety file.

This essential tool guarantees your construction site will always be fully compliant with the DoL's new construction regulations...

If your site fails to comply with just one of the DoL construction regulations, it could result in an incident that leaves dozens of people injured or even dead!

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Step#2: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

You must create, and be able to produce, a specific task risk assessment and a written safe work procedure for your employees.

And as part of your control measures, you should provide relevant PPE to each specific task carried out on your construction site.

IMPORTANT: You CAN'T charge your employees for PPE if they're required, under the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, to wear it, or if it's part of your risk assessment.

This includes the fact that you may not deduct from employees' remuneration for PPE if it's deemed to be in the interest of their health and safety on the construction site.

At the end of the day, you may not ask or even permit an employee to make payments to you, or any other person, for PPE.

*So there are 2 steps to follow to ensure compliance with the new Construction Regulations.

But don't forget that there are many other steps involved in ensuring your full compliance.

To see what they are, simply page over to chapter D 04 in your Health and Safety Advisor handbook.

Alternatively, click here to order this invaluable resource today. 

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Follow these 2 steps in order to comply with the new Construction Regulations
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