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Follow these five steps and ensure that you are fully prepared for a fire in your workplace

by , 11 September 2015
Fires pose a major risk to your workplace, especially if a flame does decide to light up.

From the moment a mere spark catches a light, it can take as little as 30 seconds before it escalates into a full-blown fire!

This is not nearly enough time to deal with it off the top of your head. And so it is absolutely essential that you are prepared.

Follow these five steps on how to prepare for fires:

1.       Ensure that you have fire-fighting equipment, that it is well located, demarcated and easily accessible.
2.       Get a registered technician to test your fire-fighting equipment.

If you cannot confidently answer 'yes' to all these 3 questions, then you're probably breaking the law.

1.       Do you have an emergency evacuation procedure if a fire breaks out in your office or workplace?
2.       Are all your staff adequately trained in fire safety?
3.       Is all your fire equipment properly maintained?

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3.       Ensure that ALL of your employees know how to use your fire-fighting equipment.
4.       Appoint someone who is trained for emergency situations. He can then act immediately should a situation call for it.
5.       Put together and train a fire team to assist the fire emergency supervisor.

So, there are five practical tips to be prepared for a workplace fire.

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Follow these five steps and ensure that you are fully prepared for a fire in your workplace
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