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Follow these four emergency planning rules to be prepared when disaster strikes

by , 20 October 2014
If a disasters strikes, you need to know what to do. That's where emergency planning comes in.

You have to prepare just in case or that emergency could catch you totally off guard.

But how do you plan for something so unpredictable?

It's easy if you follow these four emergency planning rules. They will help you prepare for any emergency, no matter what kind it is.

Read on to find out what these rules are...


Prepare for any workplace emergencies by following these four rules

Rule 1: Always have a way out
You need a way out of any emergency. In your workplace, this way out is your emergency exit and evacuation plan. You must clearly mark your emergency exits so your employees can find their way out.
You have to have them so you can get your employees out of any dangerous situations. 
Rule 2: Have the right equipment to deal with the emergency
You need the right equipment to deal with emergencies in your workplace. This equipment normally includes fire extinguishers, fire aid kits and, sometimes, emergency survival kits.
You must teach your employees how to use their equipment and where to find it.
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Rule 3: Appoint people to manage the emergency
You need people in charge of your different divisions or working areas to manage the people below them. For example, you might need an Emergency Coordinator, Engineering Controller, Fire Marshall and Occupational Health Practitioner.
Rule 4: Call the right people to help
You need to have the numbers for emergency services on hand so you can call them to come help you in an emergency.
If you follow these four rules, your emergency planning will be successful. Create your plan today so emergencies don't catch you off guard. 

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Follow these four emergency planning rules to be prepared when disaster strikes
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