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Follow these four simple tips in being proactive towards employees with HIV

by , 16 December 2015
The 1st of December marked World AIDS Day, a day which seeks to promote awareness around the disease. It encourages a unified approach towards battling it, and shows support to those who live with it.

According to the Daily Nation, approximately 36.9 million people are infected globally, with approximately 2 million new infections just last year.

And despite major advancements in medical science and technology, the disease is still a challenge to eradicate.

South Africa is no exception to this terrible virus. The country has one of the highest infection rates in the world, and even ranked as having the highest infection rate, according to a HSRC survey.

So, you simply cannot afford to ignore HIV/AIDS. Read on to find out what you can do...


Five ways HIV or Aids can impact your workforce and business 

You only need to read the stats about the impact of HIV and Aids on workforces to see it's something you need to worry about as an employer in South Africa.
And it can badly affect your business if you don't do something about it.

Click here for the ways HIV impacts your workforce and discover the one tool that will help you minimise its effects 
HIV in the workplace and the social responsibility of companies

With a high infection rate in South Africa, it's inevitable that infected employees will carry the virus into workplaces.

There are laws that protect employees with HIV from discrimination. It's very important you create and implement effective HIV policies and programmes in the workplace. This is according to a recent IOL article on the matter.

By doing this, you can be better prepared to deal with HIV/AIDS in the workplace, if anything serious happens, such as the virus spreading through your employees or by them passing away as a result of the virus.

What can you do in the battle against HIV?

In doing something about HIV in the workplace, there are 4 simple TIPS which you can follow.

You can show your support towards your employees by providing:

1.      HIV Counselling;

2.      HIV Education efforts;

3.      Awareness posters; and

4.      Voluntary Testing; etc.

This can ensure that a truly unified effort, throughout the country, as well as the world, can take place.

This is a social responsibility which employers simply must show support towards. And as an employer, you need to be proactive and creative in finding solutions to the problem.

Scania South Africa, an automotive company, is a classic example of this proactive approach towards HIV. They recently won an international award for their HIV Prevention and HIV-awareness programme.

So if you haven't started implementing an HIV programme already, acknowledge the global effort behind World AIDS Day by kick starting your business into becoming more proactive in the fight against HIV and AIDS. 

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Follow these four simple tips in being proactive towards employees with HIV
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