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Four alternative methods to help employees manage work-related stress

by , 08 August 2013
You're required to eliminate potential stressors in your workplace. If you don't, not only will your employees lose their capacity to cope with work, but work-related stress will lead to absenteeism, higher medical costs and high staff turnover. Luckily, your company can avoid this by using these four alternative therapeutic techniques to help employees reduce work related stress.

Harmful stress has severe health consequences. When it continues indefinitely, the adrenal cortex (which secretes hormones that have an effect on the body's metabolism) burns out. And this can be detrimental to one's health.

If your employee fails to restore the balance of his hormones, the long term effects on him could result in illness, disability, incapacity and job loss, warns the Health and Safety Advisor.

Is that a risk you're prepared to take?

Use these four remedies to eliminate stress in your workplace

Therapeutic remedy#1: Aromatherapy involves the use of aromatic essential oils extracted from plants. These oils are applied to the body through soft tissue manipulation similar to a massage or through inhalation to influence the central nervous system and reduce stress.

Therapeutic remedy#2: Reflexology is when pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the feet to bring about therapeutic change.

Therapeutic remedy#3: Acupuncture involves the use of needles applied to specific reflex points in the body to bring about healing.

Therapeutic remedy#4: Therapeutic massage is the application of therapeutic touch and manipulation of the soft tissues in the body and joints.

Bring these natural therapies to your workplace in addition to Occupational Health methods you already have in place. This'll help you create a new holistic approach called 'integrative medicine'.

This way, your company's health and safety police will address all physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological components of your employee's condition. Leaving your employees stress free and more productive.

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Four alternative methods to help employees manage work-related stress
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