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Four construction site emergencies you need to plan for to keep your employees alive

by , 26 September 2014
A construction site is a dangerous place. Your employees are at risk of a number of deadly accidents. Emergency situation can happen in a spilt second.

You need to plan and prepare for these emergencies or your employees will suffer the consequences.

In fact, there are four construction site emergencies you need to plan for A.S.A.P. If you don't and they happen, your employees will pay the price with their lives...


These are the four construction site emergencies you must plan for

Emergency 1: Falling accidents
If an employee falls from a raised area, such as a crane controlling box, he'll suffer serious injuries. This is an emergency situation and you must be able to react appropriately.
Your first aiders must have emergency first aid training so they can help your employee and keep him alive until the paramedics arrive.
Emergency 2: Electrocutions 
Because your employees move electrical equipment around the construction site it's easy to damage the equipment or the electrical cables. Because of this they may suffer serious electric shocks.
You need to get your employee medical attention fast, so have the paramedic's number on speed dial and call them A.S.A.P.
*********** Hot off the press  ************
If there was a fire, violent strike or explosion in your company, would your first aider know what to do?
Do your first aiders know what it is?
Emergency 3: Fires
It's easy for a fire to start on a construction site because of all the loose metal and other materials. One spark could send everything up in flames.
You need an evacuation procedure to get your employees out in this situation. Detail where and how they must exit and who's in charge at this time. 
Emergency 4: Mechanical accidents
A large machine can cause serious injuries if your employee uses it incorrectly. For example, if he gets his arm caught in the machine it will crush it. This is an emergency and your employees must all know how to respond quickly to try save him.
Prepare for these four construction site emergencies to protect your employees. 

PS: We strongly recommend you check out the Health & Safety Advisor.  It gives you tips, tools and advice to comply with the OHS Act and regulations.

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Four construction site emergencies you need to plan for to keep your employees alive
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