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Four IMPORTANT items to include in your Health and Safety Agreement

by , 17 August 2015
If you have 20 employees or more, you will be expected to meet up with representatives of your employees in order to discuss certain areas of the law and draw up a Health and Safety Agreement.

It will be up to you and you and your employees to decide on what must done in your company to create an environment that is healthy and safe for all concerned.

Having a Health and safety Agreement will help your employees manage health and safety in the workplace as well as ensure that you are legally compliant where applicable.

So, having said that, here are four important items to include in your Health and Safety Agreement...

1. It must state how the Health and Safety representatives will be elected/nominated

You could do this by organising a meeting with your employees and asking them, by a show of hands, whom they wish to nominate.

2. State the 'term of office' of the Health and Safety representatives

A two-year term is recommended. This is so that she can be trained in the first year and function as an experienced representative in the
second. Having a term of office exceeding two years could lead to demotivation and slacking off.


Costly health and safety blunders that 2 out of 3 companies make every year.

Are you a culprit too?


3. It must state the way in which the Health and Safety representative can be removed from office

This could be done by employees arranging a special meeting in which a decision is made to cancel the current Health and Safety representative's post.

4. It must state clearly what the responsibilities of the Health and Safety Representative

This can include her having to carry out regular inspections, report to her supervisors and attend monthly Health and Safety Committees.
So, there you have it – four important items to include in your Health and Safety Agreement. 

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Four IMPORTANT items to include in your Health and Safety Agreement
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