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Four ordinary workplace items that could turn into a catastrophe

by , 16 September 2014
Take a look around your office... What dangers can you see? None? Don't be so sure.

Dangers exist everywhere and any of the seemingly ordinary things in your workplace could suddenly cause an emergency situation.

You need to prepare for such situations. But how do you prepare when you can't predict where the danger will come from?

That's why today we're revealing four things in your workplace that could easily cause an emergency...


These four ordinary things could cause a workplace emergency

#1: Your printers and copiers
These electrical appliances are perfectly safe until something goes wrong with their electrical circuit. When this happens, the whole machine could turn into an electrocution or fire hazard.
You need to do regular maintenance of these machines to prevent this.
#2: Your power cables
If you have power cables to plug lots of different things in to, they could overheat and cause the circuits to blow or explode.
You need to ensure you and your employees never overload extension cables and multi-plugs to avoid this. 
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#3: Your elevator
You may use your office building's elevator everyday and never know what condition it's in. If a cable has worn thin or a part of the motor has rusted, it could lead to major problems. The elevator could get stuck with people inside it or plummet if a cable breaks.
#4: Your overhead lighting
If you don't maintain and check your overhead lighting, the electrical circuit could deteriorate. This means lights could start to blow and, if that involves the glass case shattering, it could become a dangerous emergency.
These are just four of the hidden dangers that lurk in your workplace. Check them and prevent them from causing workplace emergencies.

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Four ordinary workplace items that could turn into a catastrophe
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