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Four procedures you need in place to deal with a workplace fire emergency

by , 04 September 2014
Dealing with a workplace fire requires rapid action. You and your employees need to respond quickly and in the right way to ensure everyone survives.

To help you achieve this, you must create proper procedures in your workplace. You must document and train your employees on these procedures. That way everyone will know what to do and how to react.

To ensure your procedures for dealing with a workplace fire are truly effective, ensure you include these four procedures...


Include these four procedures when you draw up yours for dealing with a workplace fire

Procedure #1: Evacuation procedures
You must detail what your employees must do, like leaving all personal belongings at their desks. Include which exits they must use to evacuate and where they must go once they're outside.
Procedure #2: Colleagues assistance 
The second procedure you must include is about how your employees must deal with or help others who can't get out the building or have an injury. You must be clear on whether or not this is the responsibility of your first aid team or all your employees.
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Procedure #3: Fire fighting strategy
Detail how your fire fighting team must deal with the situation. You must include where they must assemble, who they must report to and what to do when they use the firefighting equipment.
Procedure #4: Returning to the building
Tell your employees when it's safe for you and your employees to go back inside. Here you must be clear if you must get the all clear from a professional fire fighter or one of your fire response employees. Make sure everyone knows they can't go back inside until the right person gives the signal. 
These four procedures will help you and your employees deal with fire emergencies appropriately.

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Four procedures you need in place to deal with a workplace fire emergency
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