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Four steps you can take to protect your employees from possible health risks

by , 24 June 2014
What did you look for in your last risk assessment? Did you identify the possible hazards and risks that could affect your employees?

You may have found and taken care of all the workplace hazards that could cause injuries at work, but what about illness?
Just because you can't see bacteria or poisons doesn't mean they aren't there.

You need to a health risk assessment to ensure your employees don't land up sick in hospital. And you need to deal with this issue in your risk management plan.

The good news is you can do this in just four steps...

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Four steps to doing a health risk assessment that could save your employees' lives

If your employees work with chemicals, gasses, fine particles, fire or biohazards, you need to ensure you protect their health. 
You must do a health risk assessment to do this. And you can do it in these steps:
Step 1: Do a work observation with your health and safety representative
You must watch your employees at work to see if there are any hazards that'll affect their health. 
For example, if you see your employees do hazardous work without wearing protective gear. This is a hazard that may have serious risks. Identifying those risks is the next step.
Step 2: Identify the risks the hazards might cause 
If your employees don't wear masks while they cut wood, they might inhale the dust and wood particles. Wood fragments may land in the eyes which could cause eye infections. The dust may even trigger serious allergic reactions.
All of these are serious health risks which you must look for. The next two steps are about taking action... 
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Take action against health risks in your risk management plan

Protective gloves, goggles and masks are all important pieces of safety wear that could save your employees' health.
Step 4: Give your employees OHS training on these health risks. Show them how to use their safety wear to protect themselves from these risks.
There you have it: In just four steps, you'll be able to deal with health problems at work and protect your employees from them. 

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Four steps you can take to protect your employees from possible health risks
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