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Four things must happen as soon as your employee Natalie yells 'fire'

by , 13 October 2014
Dealing with workplace fires is all about speed. You and your employees need to react quickly so you can all get out safely.

To do this, there are certain things that need to happen in a certain order.

To help you get your employees out safely, we're revealing four things that must happen and the order they must happen in.

Read on to find out what they are so a workplace fire doesn't claim your employees' lives...

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If there's a fire in your workplace these four things must happen

1. When Natalie discovered the fire, she must sound the alarm. She must pull the fire alarm and tell everyone she can that there's a fire.
She must do this immediately so you can get everyone out before the fire spreads.
2. Your employees must evacuate the building. They must follow your evacuation procedures so they know the rules to get out of your workplace safely.
3. Your fire teams must grab your fire fighting equipment and help put out the fire. This is important because fast reactions can stop the fire from spreading and destroying your workplace. Even if they can't put out the fire, they can keep it under control until the fire department arrives.
4. Your other employees must go to the emergency assembly point. This is where they can get first aid treatment if they need it and wait for emergency services. They can only leave the emergency assemble point when your Emergency Coordinator gives the all clear.
These four things need to happen quickly so you can get your employees out and save their lives. 
Workplace fires can turn deadly very quickly so check out the Emergency First Aid CD to ensure you have everything you need to train your first aiders to deal with this situation. 

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Four things must happen as soon as your employee Natalie yells 'fire'
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