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Four tips for your drivers when working in hot weather

by , 01 November 2016
Four tips for your drivers when working in hot weatherWinter is definitely gone. And the temperatures are on the rise.

And I know many of you will be having drivers operating in increasingly hot weather.

Hot weather can pose various risks to your drivers and knowing how to reduce the possibility of a potential accident happening is very important.

So ensure that your drivers follow these four tips when operating in hot weather to avoid an accident:

1. Tyre Pressure

Heat increases the pressure in tyres, and so it is important to ensure that the pressure is correct when in hot weather.

2. Oil levels

Regularly check the oil and coolant levels in the vehicle are adequate. 

Hot weather can overheat the engine and could potentially set you back a few thousand rand.

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3. Keep hydrated

An often overlooked area by many, but hydration is vital to full-body functioning on and off the road. 

Ensure that your drivers stay hydrated during long trips in hot weather. 

Remember that water is the ultimate hydration tool. 

4. Air conditioning

Air conditioning has the potential to eat away at more fuel, which can become very expensive. 

So encourage your drivers to use the air conditioner wisely.

An example could be switching it off at traffic lights and opening the windows instead. 

So, there are four tips your drivers can use when operating in hot weather. Avoid accidents and ensure they are following them. 

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Four tips for your drivers when working in hot weather
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