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Four tips on managing your Personal Protective Equipment

by , 18 August 2015
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), where necessary, plays a vital role towards the health and safety of your workers. Even though you can't guarantee that an incident will ever happen, you can minimise the risk, if one does so happen to occur.

Failure to adhere to PPE regulations can put your company at risk! The Department of Labour can even shut you down for good! So know how to manage your PPE today. Here are 7 tips on how to do just that...

1. Choose PPE that suits the hazard

The PPE must reduce the risk of any adverse health effects occurring. It must also fit your workers properly and must be comfortable for them.

2. Provide PPE to your staff and record it: 

When recording this information, be sure to include: 

The name, surname and ID number of the employee
The date of issue of the PPE
The type of PPE issued.


Avoid making the biggest mistake employers make when conducting their incident investigations
If you miss just one point in your incident investigation, COID will deny your compensation claim. 
And worse, if the DoL asks for your report, and you can't give him one, you'll be facing criminal prosecution too.
So don't take chances. Make sure you and your investigation team knows how to properly investigate all accident and incidents at your workplace.
3. Train your staff on how to use PPE properly: 

Make sure to train your workers on how to use Personal Protective Equipment correctly. Your PPE will be pointless if your staff don't use it properly. 

4. Be hygienic with your PPE: 

Don't allow possible transmission of infection between workers because of the sharing of unclean PPE. 

Ensure that your PPE is cleaned on a regular basis. 
So there you have it! There were four very practical tips on how to manage PPE. 

But there are many more tips for you when managing your PPE, so click here and gain access to them as well as a world of advice in a range of health and safety issues.

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Four tips on managing your Personal Protective Equipment
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