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Four vital reasons your company must have an Occupational Health Risk Profile

by , 16 June 2014
Your Occupational Health Risk Profile is one of the most important steps in developing your health and safety programme. It forms the backbone of your health and safety programme as if acts as a reference for your future decisions.

If you miss this step, your health and safety programme will have a massive hole in it.

In fact, there are four very specific reasons why your risk profile is so vital to your company's Health and Safety success...

What is your company's Occupational Health Risk Profile?

You must take notes about all the hazards and risks you identify when you do a risk assessment. You must then take all of that information and compile a list of these risks which then become your Health Risk Profile.
That's all your Occupational Health Risk Profile really is and it contains all the information about the risks and hazards you saw in each department.
 The more detailed your Health Risk Profile is, the more it'll help you do these four things.
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The four reasons you must have a Occupational Health Risk Profile

According to the Health and Safety Advisor, the four vital reasons you must have this profile come down to the four things it helps you do.
1.       It'll help you see the impact your employees' duties have on their health;
2.       You can then promptly put correction and prevention measures in place;
3.       It'll help you create a safety programme with clear direction. If you haven't created your programme, your risk profile will be the basis for it. It does this by giving you the guidelines on what hazards you need to fix and what training you need to provide; and
4.       You can streamline your programme according to your risk profile.
Without your Health and Safety Risk Profile your risk management plan will be full of holes and your workplace will be a place where accidents are waiting to happen.
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Four vital reasons your company must have an Occupational Health Risk Profile
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