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Four ways Mother Nature can turn your construction site deadly

by , 08 October 2014
There are countless dangers on a construction site. It you combine these existing dangers with strong winds, lightning, rain or dust storms, that construction site can become deadly.

This makes your employees even more vulnerable to accidents and serious injuries.

And while you can't control Mother Nature, you can predict how she'll up the risk level on your construction site, so you can take the right steps to protect your employees.

Here are four ways Mother Nature increases the dangers on your construction site....


Four of the most common dangers on a construction site

1. Falling objects;
2. Electrocution;
3. Falling; and
4. Vehicle accidents.
Since all of these dangers exist on construction sites you probably have a plan to deal with them to keep  your employees safe. But, if Mother Nature gets involved, existing safety measures might become ineffective.
Here's why…
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Here's why Mother Nature could make these four construction site hazards more deadly

1. If there are strong winds, it could easily push a heavy tool off a raised work area. Even if you have safety nets around the raised area to catch tools if they fall, the wind could blow the tool past the net so it won't help.
2. Rain increases the threat of electrocution because water conducts electricity so well. If your employee stands in a puddle and a live wire falls into the water, it will electrocute him.
3. Rain and wind can make it even more dangerous to work at heights. Rain makes surfaces slippery and wind makes it harder to stay balanced. 
4. Driving a vehicle in bad weather is dangerous. But when that vehicle is a construction vehicle on uneven ground, that risk increases. If the driver can't see where he's going, he could drive the vehicle into a ditch or a person.
Don't let Mother Nature terrorise your construction site. Rather take extra precautions to make up for the dangers. 
Never forget, the best way to protect your employees on site is to ensure it complies with Construction Regulations. Check out the Construction Compliance Guide to see if yours does. 

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Four ways Mother Nature can turn your construction site deadly
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