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Four ways you can prevent xenophobic attacks from affecting your workplace

by , 20 April 2015
It's your responsibility to manage the health and safety of your employees at work.

With the rising xenophobic attacks, it's clear this problem could spill out onto your premises. This will affect your employees' safety and impact on your productivity. Costing you money either way.

Do you know how to protect your foreign employees?

Read on for four ways you can avoid the attacks from affecting your employees...

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How to prevent xenophobic attacks from affecting your workplace

1. Hold a general staff meeting
At this meeting you'll be able to tell your workforce that you won't accept xenophobia. Tell them what the consequences of any attacks will be. And what corrective measures you'll be taking. Use your safety policy to settle on the level of discipline. Get each employee to sign an attendance register and the minutes of the meeting.

2. Prepare a toolbox talk
Organise a toolbox talk on how serious xenophobia is. Include the importance of a positive safety culture. Use this time to tell your employees to respect each other's differences.

Keep reading for another two ways to prevent xenophobic attacks on your employees…


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Two more ways you can protect your employees from xenophobic attacks

3. Offer staff transport to and from work
Pick your employees up from a central location in the mornings. And transport them safely to work. Do this for their return trip home. Offer this as a free service until the xenophobic attacks are under control. You should extend this service to your entire workforce whether foreign or not. This ensures there's no jealously amongst staff.

4. Organise a social event
Organise a braai on a Friday afternoon. Your employees will get to know each other more in a relaxed environment. They'll be more open to see one another as equals. And not divided by nationality.

In closing, make sure your accident investigation team is on high alert. Make sure your first aiders are properly prepared. And your evacuation processes are up-to-date just in case! Invest in the Emergency First Aid CD to prepare your team for anything.

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Four ways you can prevent xenophobic attacks from affecting your workplace
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