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Get your health and safety programme from paper to practise in four quick steps

by , 27 May 2014
Without a health and safety programme, your company is at the mercy of any accidents that happen. This because your health and safety programme is your first line of defence.

Your health and safety programme is how you identify and reduce possible risk. It also helps you to be legally compliant and create a safe work environment.

That's why you need to have one. And today, we'll show you four steps you can use to get your health and safety programme in place quickly and easily.

The one health and safety tip that could save your company thousands this year
You think that implementing health and safety in your company is going to cost too much money. What if I told you that it could SAVE you thousands of Rands, maybe even millions.

Four steps to quickly and easily implement your health and safety programme

The Health and Safety Advisor provide four easy steps you must follow to create your health and safety programme. 
These are:
Step 1: Plan your Health and Safety Programme
When you plan your safety programme, you must also:
- Appoint a committee; 
- Consider what laws apply to your company; 
- Plan how you'll do your hazard identification risk assessment; 
- Develop a plan to investigate incidents; and
- Keep a record of your health and safety efforts.
Step 2: Implement your Health and Safety Programme
There are nine tasks you must complete when you implement your safety programme. You must:
1. Document your Health and Safety Programme;
2. Do risk assessments;
3. Tell your employees about your Safety Policy Statement;
4. Elect and appoint your Health and Safety Representatives;
5. Form a health and safety committee;
6. Analyse the training needs;
7. Implement risk controls;
8. Write an accident report on all incidents; and 
9. Hold Health and Safety Committee meetings.
Now you have a basic safety management programme. The next two steps will help you use the programme effectively.
One simple step to win over any labour inspector
By law if you operate any machinery in your workplace, you must display the General Machinery Regulations Schedule D (Or Schedule C if you use boilers) where your employees can see it. This will be one of the first things a labour inspector will look for.

Two steps to using your health and safety programme effectively 

Step 3: Ensure you're complying with the law
For this step, you must do a series of checks to ensure the plan you've implemented is compliant. It must contain all the levels of risk reduction and control measures you need to comply with the safety regulations that apply to your company.
Step 4: Take action if problems arise
If you see people aren't following the programme during your internal or external compliance audits, you must take the right steps to fix the problem. These steps include:
- Assigning an individual to each action; 
- Setting a due date for each action; and
- Recording the steps you've taken to fix health and safety problems.
If you complete these four steps, you'll soon have a fully functioning health and safety programme.

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Get your health and safety programme from paper to practise in four quick steps
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