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Give your employees these four instructions during a fire safety toolbox talk

by , 12 September 2014
A toolbox talk is the best way to prepare your employees for possible dangers. One of the most important ones you can do is on fire safety.

Because a fire can easily start in your workplace, your employees must know what to do.

When you do a toolbox talk on fire safety, be clear about what your employees must do to protect themselves.

Include these four instructions so they understand exactly what it is they need to do...


Four fire safety instructions you must give your employees 

Instruction #1: Tell them how to use your fire equipment if it's a small fire. Your employees can easily put out a small fire with one or two fire extinguishers, but they must act fast. If they wait, the fire could spread. That's why all your employees must know how to use your fire extinguishers so they can stop a fire fast.
Instruction #2: Tell them who's in charge of the fire equipment if it's a big fire. If the fire spreads too quickly for you to stop it, only trained employees must tackle the blaze. 
If your other employees try to help, they could end up making the situation worse.
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Instruction #3: Tell them when and how they must evacuate. If the fire gets out of hand, all your employees must evacuate the building and wait for emergency services. They need to know when they must do this and how.
Instruction #4: Tell them who they must listen to during a fire. You should appoint a fire marshal. This employee must give instructions to the others on what to do during the fire. Make sure everyone understands the importance of listening to this employee so they don't ignore him.
These four instructions will help your employees react to a workplace fire appropriately so include them in your toolbox talk. 

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Give your employees these four instructions during a fire safety toolbox talk
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