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Give your employees these four instructions to keep them safe during an office party

by , 31 October 2014
Office parties are a great way to get your employees to chat and socialise. It strengthens company morale and creates a more united work force.

But office parties aren't only fun and games, especially if it's a Halloween party. These parties can fast turn dangerous if your employees get out of hand or don't act properly.

That's why, as you get ready to celebrate Halloween in your office, give your employees these four instructions so they can safely enjoy your office party...


Ways your employees should behave at an office Halloween party

1. You can give treats, but there must be no tricks at your office party
Halloween tricks normally involve pranks on other people. If your employees start doing this at your office party, things could get dangerous.
Ensure employees don't do anything stupid and cause an accident.
2. Don't play with the decorations
Adults in party mode can sometimes be as bad as children when it comes to picking up random things and playing with them. For example, if one of your employees picks up a jacko-lanterns at your party, he could cause a fire hazard. Ensure no one does this.
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3. Don't forget, you're still on company property and should act accordingly 
It's easy to forget you're at an office event and not a bar when you're having a good time. Ensure your employees remember to behave in a manner they would when they're at work so they don't cause accidents. 
4. Don't wear costumes that could cause a hazard
If, for example, your employee wears a costume covered in spikes, it could scratch anyone he walks past. Ensure they don't wear anything that could hurt people around them.
Give your employees these instructions to keep them safe at your office Halloween party. 

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Give your employees these four instructions to keep them safe during an office party
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