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GP school bus crash highlights importance of knowing the procedure for accidents

by , 06 August 2013
They say every child must wear a seatbelt - unless there are 60 of them on the same vehicle. That's the flawed logic of not having seatbelts on buses. You may think it sounds crazy, but the truth is that some situations are just breeding grounds for accidents. Like the overcrowded bus that crashed in Johannesburg on Monday morning. It was an accident just waiting to happen. What about your workplace? Is there something that stands out as a big 'no-no' that's putting your staff's lives at risk? And do you know what to do if there's an accident in your workplace?

Johannesburg is no stranger to traffic accidents. But when an overcrowded school bus crashed into a ditch off Witkoppen road it made headlines, reports News24. This after 38 pupils were injured in this accident 'waiting to happen'.

You may not have many bus drivers in your employ, but your workplace always has 'accident potential'. Some might say that accidents at work are inevitable.

What should you do if there's an accident at work?

The Health and Safety Advisor has these tips.

Here's what to do if there's an accident at work:
  1. Secure the scene of the accident. This prevents further damage to property or harm to people. It's important to do this even if the accident was minor.
  2. Investigate the accident according to the OHSA and your company policy. You must have an accident investigation team to call on in the case of an accident.
  3. Report the accident to the proper authorities if that's necessary. You must report accidents where someone died, is likely to die from their injuries, is seriously injured, or required first aid because of the accident.
  4. Remove the hazard that caused the accident, or provide additional training to staff to minimize a repeat of the accident.
With these accident procedures in place, you'll feel secure that your damage control procedures are at their best.

Turn to chapter I02 of your Health and Safety Training Manual to read the Incident Investigation and reporting workshop facilitator manual which covers topics such as:
  • Incident reporting;
  • Full investigation;
  • Incident recall; and
  • Much much more.

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GP school bus crash highlights importance of knowing the procedure for accidents
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