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Has Piet shown up drunk at work again...?

by , 08 July 2013
Has Piet shown up drunk to work again?

Did you know employees with alcohol dependence problems make compensation claims FIVE times more than other employees? And that up to 25% of injuries in the workplace involve employees under the influence of alcohol?

This could cost you thousands, maybe even millions in loss of production time and compensation claims in case of an accident.

Put a stop to this now by implementing breathalyser testing in your company today!

Get 29 essential health and safety inspection checklists
Never again will these questions plague you:
  • Is my first aid kit complete?
  • How often am I supposed to clean my canteen?
  • What should I include in my daily forklift inspection?
  • Does it matter if the hooter on my delivery vehicle isn't working?
  • I only have one toilet for every 30 employees. Is this enough?
This is because my team of health and safety experts and I have compiled templates of the 29 most common inspection checklists you'll use in your business!
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How to tell if your employees drunk

Look out for these five signs in your employee
  1. Bloodshot eyes;
  2. Slurred speech;
  3. The smell of alcohol on his breath;
  4. Unsteadiness on his feet;
  5. Excessive sweating;
If an employee shows any of these signs, ask him to take a breathalyser test. BUT to do this, you must have a policy in place that clearly spells out your right to have them tested and this must be signed by your employee.
The content of your policy must be legal. It must contain the provisions of General Safety Regulations, 2A on Intoxication of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993
Are you ready for the DoL's Operation: Zero non-compliance?

The Department of Labour is on a war path!

It has recently announced its intention to release operation: zero non-compliance which, it's believed, will unleash the biggest round of blitz inspections yet.

Go here for more details on to protect your business as soon as possible.
To find out more about breathalyzer testing, your legal obligations and what MUST be included in your policy, check out Chapter B03 in the Health and Safety Advisor.
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Until next time,
Stay safe.

Rachel Paterson
FSP Business Publisher 
P.S. Legal registers ensure you're meeting legal obligations. They act as a checklist to make sure you're identified all the legal requirements and they're documented. They make complicated legal requirements easy-to-understand for all of your employees. Get 29 of the most common legal registers here


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Has Piet shown up drunk at work again...?
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