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Have you equipped your company drivers with these four essential driving tips?

by , 02 July 2013
Transport Minister Ben Martin has pleaded with road users to be more vigilant on the roads following an accident in which 15 people died in Sandfontein in North West. According to media reports, preliminary indications by the transport department were that a light delivery vehicle turned into oncoming traffic and collided with a bus. Through his spokesperson, the minister 'called on every road user to take personal responsibility in road safety and ensure that South African roads are not turned into killing fields', News 24 reported. If you employ drivers who use company cars to carry out company duties, you should take the minister's plea to heart and safeguard your employees.

Read on to discover four tips your company drivers can use to minimise road accidents.

There're many costs and losses involved when a company driver gets injured, dies or if a vehicle is damaged. These costs can include financial loss, death costs, vehicle repair or replacement costs and the cost of training another worker to take over the work.

But these aren't the only cost issues you need to consider.

Safe driving habits are a health and safety issue and it's your responsibility to reduce the risks.

Don't wait for an accident to happen when you can be proactive and put measures in place to reduce the health and safety risks of your company drivers.

Ensure your drivers are aware of these tips driving tips

Tip # 1: Tell your drivers to approach driving with the idea that every other driver is an unpredictable menace. So they must keep a wary eye on the other drivers and anticipate the mistakes they might make and be ready for them.

Tip # 2: Your drivers must be suspicious of gaps in traffic. They must 'look out for gaps in lines of traffic they may be the result of someone pausing to let another vehicle cross in front of them. Never rush to fill that gap,' advises the Health and Safety Advisor.

Tip # 3: They must know their vehicles' blind spots. They must never change lanes without checking their blind spots for other vehicles.

Tell them it's a good idea to adjust their position relative to other traffic to stay out of other drivers' blind spots whenever they can.

Tip#4: Tell them to always apply general precautions and common sense. They should do the following:

  • Be careful about maintaining control and traction.
  • Keep their speed prudent for the conditions.
  • Make sure their tyres and brakes are in good condition and are properly maintained.
  • Get enough rest, especially after successive days of long-driving-hours.
  • NOT consume alcohol before or whilst driving.

Ensuring your company drivers are aware of these driving tips will help you ensure costly accidents are avoided and you'll reduce health and safety risks.

Does your driver need a Professional Driving Permit (PrDP)? Turn to chapter P02 of your Health and Safety Advisor to find out!


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