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Have you issued your new construction worker with a letter of appointment?

by , 20 June 2013
According to Sheqafrica.com, construction health and safety practitioners now have to write a safety registration exam set by the SA Council for Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP) to gain professional designations, regardless of their qualifications. The move by the SACPCMP is aimed at improving health and safety standards in the construction industry and to curb the practice by some practitioners who get qualifications at unregistered providers. If you're planning to hire construction health and safety practitioners in your workplace, checking if they've written this exam will add to your responsibilities as far as safety standards are concerned. This is in addition to issuing your new construction worker with a letter of appointment. Read on to discover why you're required to appoint certain employees at your construction site in writing.


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The SACPCMP exam is intended to cover the scope of cervices of relevant construction health and safety officials as provided for in construction legislation. It's expected to be confirmed by a forthcoming amendment to the Construction Regulations, Sheqafrica.com reports.

While it's advisable that you keep tabs on these developments aimed at helping you reduce the health and safety risks in your company, you shouldn't ignore your other responsibilities when it comes to workplace safety.

One of those responsibilities is to appointment your employees in writing

Both the OHSA and the International Standards Organisation state that certain employees like those working on construction sites must be appointed in writing for assigning responsibility.

These letters show your employees which sections of the law they need to adhere to. But more importantly, they also help your company reduce health and safety risks by ensuring you appoint competent people on your construction sites.

And that's not all...

There are five more reasons why construction employees need to have letters of appointment.


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Five reasons you need to issue your employees with appointment letters

  1. Appointment letters clearly outline the duties assigned to the employee who's appointed. Basically, 'it's a mandate of authority for the person being appointed,' says the Health and Safety Advisor.
  2. They provide proof that you're complying with the law if you're audited or find yourself disputing a case in a court of law.
  3. They remove the chance of the appointed employee saying he wasn't aware of his responsibilities.
  4. Appointment letters identify that the employee being appointed has received the appropriate training for the job.
  5. Appointment letters give credibility and authority to the responsibility and duty of the worker appointed. It ensures that co-workers are aware the appointment is real. It's not just a gesture by management,' explains the Advisor.

Remember, construction appointment letters are legal documents. They shouldn't be written, given or used lightly as a means of compliance. There must be proof of capability, training, responsibility, duties and qualifications for the person being appointed. This'll go a long way in also ensuring you reduce the health and safety risks associated with construction projects.


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Have you issued your new construction worker with a letter of appointment?
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