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Have you prepared for these six frightening company emergencies?

by , 23 October 2014
When it comes to your company's health and safety, it's important to prepare for emergencies. Otherwise, your employees might end up in serious danger and you won't be able to do anything about it.

If you're prepared though, you'll be able to protect your employees and your business against these situations.

When you do this planning, it's vital to cover all the right bases so you can protect your employees from any disaster.

Here are six emergencies you must plan and prepare for in your workplace...


Plan and prepare for these six workplace emergencies

1. Natural disasters (fire, flood, earthquake);
2. Labour disruptions (strike, riot, civil and industrial unrest);
3. Disruption of essential services, supplies or communications;
4. Emergencies associated with terrorist activities (explosions, bomb threats, armed attack);
5. Serious accidents or illness; and
6. Any other event that may constitute an emergency e.g. plane crash, major chemical spill, etc. 
It's your responsibility to put effective emergency preparedness plans in place for emergencies like these (Environmental Regulation 9, OHSA).
Here's what the OHS Act says you need to do to prepare for these emergencies.
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The OHS Act says you must have these three elements when you plan for these emergencies

The OHS Act states you need to appoint people to manage the emergencies. Emergency personnel like your Emergency Coordinator, Engineer Controller and Security can help you limit the damage and loss of life.
The Act also says you need to outline procedures your employees must follow during these six emergencies. This will help your employees get out safely. You have to train your employees on these procedures.
Last, but not least, you must have emergency equipment.
If you prepare for these six emergencies by ensuring you have these three things, you can protect your employees from any emergency.
Check out the Health and Safety Advisor for more on how to prepare for emergencies. 

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