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Health and Safety affects overall production! So ALWAYS follow this simple tip.

by , 17 November 2015
According to Mining Weekly, 'Gold mining company AngloGold Ashanti beat cost and overall production guidance in the three months to September 30, but fatalities and safety stoppages lowered South African output.'

According to AngloGold CEO, Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan, the multi-national company had a very bad quarter, in terms of safety, in South Africa - many of which were caused by ground falls.

What say to you?

You can read this news and clearly realise that health and safety in the workplace plays a crucial role in overall production, or 'output'. This includes your employees' production, your production of products and so on. The fact of the matter is that business slows down on many levels if health and safety in the workplace isn't effectively implemented and managed. And, as was seen with AngloGold, incidents led to lowered output.

It's very obvious, and yet even the 'giants' of the economy still get it wrong at times.

Unless you take active, and REGULAR, measures to prevent any unwanted incidents in the workplace, you could very well end up paying thousands, possibly even millions, of rands in compensation claims! Also, you might have to shut down parts of your company due to the incident, making way for investigations and repairs afterwards.

You could face a bombardment of penalties, fines, legal fees, the media's onslaught, time, union grievances, death benefits and settlements.

What's more is that these are ONLY A FEW of the headaches you'll have to deal with if an incident occurs in the workplace.

Do all these headaches sounds a little overwhelming? Well, the answer is simple. Read on…

Avoid making the biggest mistake employers make when conducting their incident investigations
If you miss just one point in your incident investigation, COID will deny your compensation claim.
And worse, if the DoL asks for your report, and you can't give him one, you'll be facing criminal prosecution too.
So don't take chances. Make sure you and your investigation team knows how to properly investigate all accident and incidents at your workplace.
Here's how

So what's the tip?

If not making health and safety a top priority can end up in disastrous consequences, then why not carry out regular risk assessments and hazard identifications, after which you can take action in seeing to any risks in the workplace. You can then train your employees with regard to any risks and hazards that were identified in the workplace – try our Toolbox Talks in doing this. 
*To learn more on incidents in the workplace, along with risk assessments and procedures to follow with incident investigations, subscribe to the Health and Safety Advisor, the Incident Investigation Toolkit as well as our 100% Legally Compliant Risk Assessment Toolkit today.

The only risk-assessment tool you'll ever need!

Written in plain, easy-to-understand English, Risk Assessments: The 100% legally compliant risk assessment toolkit CD will remove all the confusion and grey areas around managing risk in your company.
It'll give you invaluable information like:

·        The 8 laws you MUST comply with for risk assessments
·        The 4 types of risk assessments you must do and how to conduct each one
·        How to identify the hazards in your work environment
·        The 7 common types of hazards you need to take into account
·        3 Types of precautionary measures you can take after your risk assessment
·        How to identify hazardous chemicals in the workplace
·        And so much more!

Risk Assessments: The 100% legally compliant risk assessment toolkit is the only resource you'll need to make sure you've done everything you possibly can to make your employees are safe and comply with the OHSA.
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Health and Safety affects overall production! So ALWAYS follow this simple tip.
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