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Health and safety is a team effort! Use these four tips to get your employees on board

by , 17 June 2014
You may feel like you have to be a one person army when it comes to running your business. You feel like it's up to you to singlehandedly manage everything.

Now, this may be true for your finances, investors, public relations and so on... But it's not true for your health and safety.

Health and safety is a joint effort between you and your employees. So for your health and safety programme to work effectively, you must get them onboard.

Here are four tips you can use to do just that...

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Your Health and Safety role is not exactly an easy one!
Right now, the headaches, stresses, time-drainers and financial costs of Health and Safety in your company seem endless. You're having to constantly stay on top of changes and updates being made to laws and regulations – and implementing these changes.

Health and safety is a 50/50 effort between you and your employees

You have to accept and work with the fact that you can't prevent 100% of the accidents that could happen. If your employees don't follow health and safety procedures, they won't have protection from workplace accidents. So use these four tips to get your employees to comply with your health and safety rules...
Tip one: Get your employees involved in your safety matters. If they feel like they have a role to play in creating the safety procedures, they're more likely to follow them. 
Tip two: Involve your workers' union. Their union acts as their voice and this way they'll feel heard if they're unhappy.
Tip three: Ensure safety gear and PPE actually fits them and is comfortable to wear. If they feel restricted or uncomfortable in their safety wear, they won't wear it. 
Tip four: Give your employees proper OHS training. If your employees understand why they have to do something, they'll want to do it, they're more likely to comply. 
There you have it: To get your employees onboard with OHS, you must get them involved, interested, heard and comfortable. This way you can trust they know how to protect themselves and you can spend your time concentrating on other things.
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Do you have more than 20 employees?
Don't ignore this health and safety obligation or else!
The DoL will slap you with a R50 000 fine or 1 year in jail if you don't have a health and safety representative. 

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Health and safety is a team effort! Use these four tips to get your employees on board
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