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Heart attacks: Five signs you can teach your staff to look out for

by , 06 September 2015
Heart attacks are the number one disease for both men and women, and so a concern around, even in the workplace, is more than justified!

Health and safety in the workplace does n't entail you simply complying with health and safety legislation. But it's also an attitude that you continuously demonstrate towards your staff in order for them to live as healthily and as safely as possible.

And when it comes to health and safety, education and training is extremely important!

So make your staff are aware of heart attacks by teaching them these five general symptoms. This way you ensure that any concerns are looked into are as early as possible:

1. A painful, squeezing sensation in the chest;
2. Shortness of breath;
3. Severe discomfort in the upper-middle abdomen;

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4. Regular heartburn and/or indigestion; and
5. Arm pain. This is most commonly found in the left arm with heart complications but it can be felt in either arm.
It's important to note that one-quarter of all heart attacks are silent. In other words, there are no symptoms! So it is very important for you to encourage your employees to keep track of their bodies and go for regular check-ups if necessary.

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Heart attacks: Five signs you can teach your staff to look out for
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