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Here are sixteen accidents in the workplace. Learn how to prevent them!

by , 12 August 2015
Accidents can be very damaging to your company, as well as its reputation. And so the best thing you can do is try to prevent them from happening. Here are sixteen classic examples of accidents in the workplace. Make sure you learn from them!

1. Working at unsafe speeds

If you do not consider the age, physical ability and experience of the employee, you may require him to work faster than he/she is capable of. If this is the case, the employee may skip safety measures in attempting to work faster. Be careful as this could be seen as negligence on your side. 

2. Working without authority

Your employees must be trained to perform particular tasks. Make sure they are aware of what they have authority to do. 

Do not allow any employee to carry out work for which he/she is not equipped/trained for!

3. Fiddling with safety devices

Safety devices, such as fire extinguishers and first-aid kits, are designed to enhance the health and safety of your employees. It is illegal to tamper with or move safety equipment! Make sure that your employees know this. 

4. Unsafe storing

Many accidents occur because of items left lying around or because they fell as a result of not being stacked properly. 

Ensure that your employees are trained according to the proper ways of housekeeping and storage. 

5. 'Horseplay' 

Accidents often occur when employees fool around. 

Let your employees know that they can be prosecuted if an accident occurs because of fooling around in the workplace. 

6. Using damaged equipment or using equipment unsafely

Make sure your employees know how to use the relevant machinery as well as how to report and replace damaged machinery. 

7. Working on moving machinery

Ensure that machines are switched-off before performing repairs, cleaning etc. 

8. Taking chances

Employees can easily become complacent, so keep reminding them through continuous safety talks and training. 

9. Unsafe positioning or posture

Continuous lifting in an unhealthy posture can easily cause a back complications. 

So teach your employees ergonomics to ensure that they are ready to perform any physically demanding tasks. 

10. Not using PPE

PPE, which includes goggles, hard hats, respirators etc. must be used by your employees in all areas where it is required. 

Ensure that your employees adhere to such requirements. 

11. Poor housekeeping

Teach your employees of proper stacking techniques and ensure that they can clean up their work areas properly. 

Make sure that aisles and walkways are clear of obstructions so as to reduce the risk of an accident. 

12. No guards or safety devices

Make sure that all machinery has necessary guarding in areas that are within arm's reach so as to prevent any accidents involving employee and machinery. 

13. Inadequate lighting

Employees must be able to work in lighting that does not require them to strain their eyes. 

Make sure that your lighting conditions are tested every two years.

14. Overcrowded workplace

Ensure that every employee has at least 2.25m2 of free space.

15. Poor ventilation 

Make sure that your employees (especially those who work in environments that are exposed to hazardous emissions) have an adequate supply of fresh air.

16. Hazardous chemical substances 

Get hold of the material safety data sheets with regard to any hazardous substances you are using. Also, ensure that your employees are trained when it comes to dealing with such substances in a safe way. 

So there you have it! Sixteen accidents in the workplace and how to prevent them. 

But don't stop there because there is still a lot more to know! Accidents can't always be prevented, so click here and gain access to an invaluable health and safety resource today and learn about incidents and accidents in workplace.

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Here are sixteen accidents in the workplace. Learn how to prevent them!
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