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Here's how to appoint your fire marshals in case a fire breaks out in your workplace

by , 20 October 2014
If a fire breaks out in your workplace, you need people to help you manage the situation. That's where your fire marshals come in.

Your fire marshals must help you manage your employees and the situation as a whole.

But do you know how to choose your fire marshals?


Then read on to find out so you appoint the right people as your fire marshals ....


Here's how you go about appointing fire marshals

When you need to appoint fire marshals, ask your employees if any of them are willing or have someone they'd like to nominate. If it's a nominated person, ask them if they're happy to be a fire marshal.
Then look at their training history. It's more beneficial to appoint someone who already has fire marshal training than someone you need to train from scratch.
The number of fire marshals you need depends on the number of areas in your workplace and the number of emergency assembly points in each area. For each area, you need two marshals at the assembly point, one for the general area and another two in case one of the others is absent. 
Once you determine who your fire marshals are, you must appoint them using official appointment letters.
You can find a template for these letters in the Appointment Letter Toolkit.
Here's what you need to do next.
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Do this once you've appointed your fire marshals

You must train your fire marshals once you appoint them. If they already have valid fire marshal training, you need a copy of their existing training certificate.
Once you do this, your fire marshals are ready to help you deal with any workplace fire. 
Check out the Fire Safety Toolkit for more on how to prevent and prepare for workplace fires. 

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Here's how to appoint your fire marshals in case a fire breaks out in your workplace
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